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Journalist Report


Crew 169 Journalist

Today have been a great day in the MDRS Station, we eat eggs with sauce and potatoes for breakfast. Then everyone begin to work in the projects.

In the morning we had a Martian visit, called by DJ, who taught to Ing.Orson how to use the ATV. In the afternoon, the commander Elizabeth did her first EVA, with Greenhab Engineer, Nolverth. Both collect different types of soil on Mars surfaces. After that, they received a induction about the ATV.

Then was my turn and EVA Engineer, Luis. we drove approximately 3 kilometers. Finally we did the daily meeting, where we schedule the arrive of the Seven member of the crew, which going to arrive around 12:00 am.

For now, everything is well in the MDRS, all the crew are fine and the projects is going well too,
The Journalist, Celeste.