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Eva Number: 4
Eva Date: 05 may 2016
Time Slot: Later AM


First test with Rover #1 (Marcos's Rover), testing the drill, cameras and movement at a easy surface.


The EVA started at 930 when Marcos and his rover get ready to be for the first time at Mars. The second rover director (Celeste) went with Marcos to see the surface that will be tested by her rover too in a few days. During the EVA Marcos tested his connections, stability of his rover, drill operation and camera support work. The EVA finished at 1039.

Eva Depart Time: 935 AM

Check In Time One: 948 AM
Check In One E: 518270
Check In One N: 4250672.5
Check In Note One: Place where the rover was plugged in and finally ready.

Check In Time Two: 955 AM
Check In East Two: 518292.5
Check In Note Two: Place where the movement test of the rover finished. Started to lose some connection with the remote control.

Check In Time Three: 1005 AM
Check In East Three: 518722.5
Check In North Three: 4251355
Check In Note Three: Calibrated the signal and testing displacements of rover. Started the way back to the Hab.

Eva Return Time: 1039 AM
Wp1 E: 518270
Wp1 N: 4250672.5
Waypoint1 arrive Time: 948 AM
Eva W P1 depart Time: 950 AM
Wp1 Find: Finishing details.

Wp2 E: 518292.5
Wp2 N: 4250725
Eva W P2 arrive Time: 955 AM
Eva W P2 depart Time: 959 AM
Wp2 Find: Testing long of signal and radio control status.

Wp3 E: 518722.5
Wp3 N: 4251355
Eva W P3 arrive Time: 1005 AM
Eva W P3 depart Time: 1035 AM
Wp3 Find: Testing movements, displacements and drill work.