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Crew 169 Journalist Report

DAY SOL 4 - 5May2016

Hi Earth!

Today was a good day! First we awoke early for a visit by National Geographic's Journalist team who then took pictures of our crew. So maybe we are going to be in the Magazine!

Then Marcos had his first EVA with me as coworker. He tested his robot successfully, however
there were some issues to be resolved during the next EVA.

For lunch, Luis and Orson prepared burritos. They were delicious! Everyday we are being
creative, trying to cook different foods.

After lunch we had a temporary power outage, so it was a boring afternoon. We could not work or use water, but luckily Orson fixed the outage by starting the second generator.

Then we had our daily meeting, preparing our reports. However, we didn't send them as Shannon had instructed us not to use the internet until tomorrow at 9:00 am.

Journalist, Celeste.