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SOL: (5)
Person filling out Report: XO

Summary Title First sampling (Phase IIa) Lecture and count.

Mission Status: Lecture and performed confirmatory test.

Sol Activity Summary: Today I’m lecturing all plates of IIa phase culture. All quality control media resulting sterilizes. A major report of these lectures was an isolate of Staphylococcus sp. In gloves and coat legs before EVA’s mission. An Enterobacteriae and Fungal media was incubated for 24 hours more.

Look Ahead Plan: In principle, a lecture was realizing for macrocopy process directly of the Film microbiological media. Thus, when discover the possibility of lecturing with Stereoscope, I’m defined and performed a protocol for it use. Some of this results was photograph.

Anomalies in work: No problems.
Weather: Lecture and QC IIa phase.
Crew Physical Status: Adequate.
EVA: Initial (0).

Reports to be file: Commander Report, XO Report, Engineering Report, HSO report, Journalist Report.