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09 May 2016 – Sol 8

Hello Everybody,
For the crew, It’s hard to believe that a week has already passed since we first arrived on analog Mars. It will soon be time to come back to Earth but, not just yet; we still have a lot of work to complete.

The group had pancakes and tea for breakfast and yellow rice with burritos for the dinner. Orson and I are in charge of the cooking and Celeste and Marcos of the cleaning.

Orson organized the information of his four EVAs in just one doc and he is making some conclusions about his project. Luis took data about the direction of the air to make a variety between the lowest to the highest in a range of 5 grades. He is going to use this information in a mesh of finite elements. Jeel took samples of the Marco’s rover before his EVA. Also he saw in the stereoscopy a little plant that he found in his last EVA. He realized that plant grew up in a place where are Escherichia coli, that’s strange!. Marcos proved that by reducing the size of the magnet of the cube, this was better nailed to the ground. Celeste is tasting the functionality of the sensor IMU and the movement of her rovers. This would help to make more stable the rover. Nolverth has good news, he checked that is growing up some roots so we hope to see some leaves before we leave the hub. Also I saw the first leaves of the radish in the flowerpots of my project that is a good signal because they grew up faster than the others witch doesn’t have the irrigated system so I am very excited about the following days.

All crewmembers are going to keep collecting information in the following days. Tomorrow Celeste has her first EVA!!

You should also receive an XO Report/Daily Summary, Engineering Report, EVA Report and Journalist Report.

Better force with you,
Commander Crew 169

Elizabeth C.C