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Commander Report

11 May 2016 – Sol 10

Hello Everybody,

Greetings from Mars, Jeel has his second EVA, he took three samples very far away Orson, Marcos and I went with him. It was exciting because we saw invredible parts of the dessert and took amazing photos. Jeel is cultivar the samples and He hope to find interesting things again.

The group had oat with cookies and nutella for breakfast and salmon with rice and potatoes gratin for the dinner. Celeste and Nolvert are in charge of the cooking and Orson and Marcos of the cleaning.

Orson had final results. In all his EVAs He found that pectoralis major, rectus abdominis, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, rectus femoris and gastrocnemius are the muscles which can generate more electricity. Luis tested a new mesh and calculated velocities for other simulations. Jeel are isolating the samples that he took in his EVA in the petrifying media. Marcos tested some mechanical changes in his rover and everything is working well, he has his objectiveaccomplished but he is to change some little things to have a better performance. Nolverth realized that seads wich recevaid more violet light is growing up slowlier than the others. I checked that today isn’t necessary to irrigate the radish , it would be because yesterday was enough and the leaves keep growing up excellent. Celeste made an inventory of the things that we have in the kitchen and made some tests with the IMU sensors because tomorrow, she has an EVA.

All crewmembers are going to keep collecting information in the following days and tomorrow we have a visit of the program that’s genius.

You should also receive an XO Report/Daily Summary, Engineering Report, EVA Report and Journalist Report.

Better force with you,
Commander Crew 169
Elizabeth C.C