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Commander Report

12 May 2016 – Sol 11

Hello Everybody,
Greetings from Mars, Celeste has her second EVA,she made some testings in flats surfaces and the rover had a better performance than the last one. Also she made testings in a inclined surface with 35 degrees and the rover surpassed it.

The group had muffins and pancakes for breakfast and mashed potatoes with “arepas” and meat for the dinner. Jeel and I are in charge of the cooking and Luis and Nolvert of the cleaning.

Luis has simulations for the fifty percent of the data that he collected in his EVAs. Jeel read the samples from yesterday EVA and he found bacterias in the places closer to the hub. Marcos tested his rover in places that it didn't have good performance at the beginning but now the rover has a good performance in all places. Nolverth saw that in a couple of day some leaves could appear so he achieve his goal. Not all seeds have germinated but some do. He already has some conclusions fot that. I checked that today was necessary to irrigate the radish at the afternoon as 2 days ago, the time of irrigation was similar as the last, with this data I can make some conclusions and calculate the water used.

Today we have a visit. Some people from that's genius program came here and took some photos and recorderd some information about our normal day, they asked some question about our projects and Mars. We hope this would help other people to be interested in Mars and science projects.

You should also receive an XO Report/Daily Summary, Engineering Report, EVA Report, H&S Report and Journalist Report.

Better force with you,
Commander Crew 169
Elizabeth C.C