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Crew 169 Commander Report
13 May 2016 – Sol 12

Hello Everybody,

Greetings from Mars. Today Celeste has her last EVA, she has her objective accomplished, it was TO prove that THE rover can move in any terrain. 

The group had potatoes fried and omelettes for breakfast and lentil with soup for dinner. Luis and Nolvert are in charge of the cooking and Celeste and I of the cleaning.

Luis finished with all his simulations and he is making final conclusions. Jeel took samples of the ATVs and he is going to do the last report of the last samples. Marcos proved the alcance de la camara and that was his last test. Nolverth prove that Prosopis Pallida can grow up with the soil from this area. I checked that today isn’t necessary to irrigate the radish and the water wasted for each irrigate was lower than irrigate all the days. There are some difference about time of irrigation but is in milliseconds.

All crew members are working hard to prepare their final conclusions.

You should also receive an XO Report/Daily Summary, Engineering Report, EVA Report and Journalist Report.

Better force with you,
Commander Crew 169
Elizabeth C.C