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Crew 169 EVA #14 Report Sol 12 13May2016
Time Slot: unknown

Test Celeste's rover in a close zone with other configuration of movement and servomotors operations.

At 9:15 Orson and Celeste went to the surface at behind of the Hab (water tanks place) where they could plug computers and electronic devices to test other codes for the movement of the rover on Mars surfaces. 
At 10:00 Jeel and Marcos where out to test again the range of the router and the connection for video transmission and the use of rover at distance, both test where successful. Celeste will have to make some changes to the connections of her rover but it's not a big problem. 
At 11:40 All four crew members returned to Hab.

Eva Depart Time: 9:15 AM
Check In Time One: 9:30 AM
Check In One E: 518175
Check In One N: 4250772
Check In Note One: Celeste's rover test.
Check In Time Two: 10:00 AM
Check In East Two: 518275
Check In Note Two: Limit of range for Marcos router.