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Commander Report

14 May 2016 – Sol 13

Hello Everybody,

Greetings from Mars. Today all of us prepared our final conclusions and finals reports. We are sad to leave this amazing place but exiting to arrive to Earth and keep working to make our dreams come true.

Our last dinner was a mix of everything that we had but It was delicious.

Our last report has results of our objectives and it is an honor to say that all the objectives were achieved.

I wrote this message from Mars but after the enter we are going to be in Earth.

You should also receive an XO Report/Daily Summary, Engineering Report and Journalist Report.

To Capcom, tomorrow we need to leave the MDRS at 9 am because some bus tickets and flights departured at the afternoon so we want to make sure that we are goint to have a car to get to GJ at the morning.


Better force with you,
Commander Crew 169

Elizabeth C.C